Thursday, June 23, 2011

#FriendshipFountain Nightly Light and Music Show

Phil, a Friend of #FriendshipFountain, let us know that on Tuesday night, (Jun 21) there was no Sound and Light show, at least between 8:45 PM and 9:30 PM and he obviously was disappointed, especially since he had some out of town visitors with him...

I contacted the City of Jacksonville Keyholders for the Fountain and Renovation project and received this back from Eric Lindstrom...

Bob: There are some software glitches that are being worked out. My understanding is the problem should be worked out by now. As with anything new, initial problems do arise. My apologies to the folks who missed the show Tuesday night. I'm hopeful they will understand and return again as, as you know, the show will be worth a return visit.

Thanks for bringing their issue to my attention.

Eric Lindstrom
Redevelopment Manager

I want to thank Eric for his prompt attention to this, response received within 40 minutes of my initial email to Eric and others, and hopefully any glitches have all been worked out.

Also as Eric mentioned
"as you know, the show will be worth a return visit."

Absolutely worth a second, third and more, trips. Folks if you haven't seen the Friendship Fountain Patriotic Sound and light Show in person you just can't imagine how impressive it is...

I also want to thank Phil for his concern and taking the time to bring this to our attention, this is just the type of Community involvement we need in the City of Jacksonville, both to ensure our Elected Officials and City Employees are taking care of business but also to demonstrate that people do pay attention and if we had more Phil's possibly other areas would have more needed attention paid to them.

Remember you can drop an email to us here at at anytime and we will always answer those messages and also do our best to get answers if needed from those responsible...

Till next time,

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