Friday, October 22, 2010

Southbank River Walk Open again!

The Friendship Fountain Bi-weekly update ;)

The portion of the Southbank River Walk immediately in front of Friendship Fountain has been restored and is open for foot traffic again.

It also appears that all underground drainage has been put into place, all the open pipes seen two weeks ago have been covered and there are a number of new drain boxes clearly marked and in place. Today was the quietest I have seen the construction site since the renovations began.

Look for another update in two weeks...


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Belated Oct 8, 2010 Update

Well folks a few days late on the biweekly update but as soon as I got back from The Fountain on Friday I was put into Halloween mode setting up our annual display which can be seen by clicking on the below image...

As far as The Renovations, grounds demo appears to be pretty well done with some actual infrastructure being put into place. As always pictures are posted and the direct link is:

Another update in a couple of weeks and don't forget to Support Our JAGS on Monday Night Football Oct 18, 2010, just think next season they will be able to feature Friendship Fountain during our Home games again!