Tuesday, November 18, 2008

City Spin? Bought Air Time? CBS and FOX has the exact same story?

I received an email from Matt Saffer, Fox 30 News, today asking me to call in regards to a story they were planning regarding Friendship Fountain, which I did.

He asked if I had any comment regarding new City plans for the Fountain. I probably went on a bit of a rant regarding what the city has said and done in the past and mentioned the 3 Million RFP the city issued in 2006 and other instances where the city indicated the Fountain needed to be replaced...

RFP: http://www.jaxfountain.com/FountainProject/P1010040.JPG

Susy Wiles: "It can't be done at any kind of a reasonable cost," said Mayor's Office spokeswoman Susie Wiles.

Move Kids Kampus to the site of Friendship Fountain:

Matt also asked if I could possibly be available for an interview which I had to indicate I could not as far as on Camera and then he asked if I could possibly be available for a phone Interview which I indicated I could and provided my number...

No Call.

So I am watching TV tonight and catch the tail end of a Fountain piece on Fox and then while switching back and forth I find another piece on CBS news. I see only a mention that the City has 8 proposals for "revitlizing" the Fountain... Hmmm I seem to remember the City received 7 proposals in 2006? Are these the same?

The stories as I found and captured them, in the event they are altered...
TV30: http://www.fox30online.com/content/topstories/story.aspx?content_id=26aa92ac-622d-44a0-b3ef-9051efc162ca
TV 47: http://www.cbs47.com/content/topstories/story.aspx?content_id=26aa92ac-622d-44a0-b3ef-9051efc162ca

WOW I just realized that after the domain name both URLs are identical... AS are the stories...


I guess I am the only one in town that didn't realize that FOX and CBS Local news was one... I mean I know that NBC and ABC are basically one but FOX and CBS?

Anyway for what it is worth it certainly appears to me that these two stories are 1: Identical, 2: written by the Mayors Office. and 3: 8 proposals when we had 7 in 2006... Maybe they aren't really new?... maybe just some new Spin?

Folks in these Economical Times lets just FIX the Fountain so when the next Blimp Shot is taken it looks impressive... Come on that is still the preferred shot to showcase Jacksonville for each home game even with only the outer ring running...

That is my take, what is yours?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Here come the Rumblings again :(

Talk about coincidence, while watching the Game this past Sunday and seeing a Blimp shot of the Fountain (first one I remember seeing since the Super Bowl) with only the outer rings going (as that is all that is still functional) I said to my wife...

"That just makes me so sad, that beautiful Fountain at 1/3 of it's normal abilities because the Administration is waiting for that part to break so they have all the excuses they need to rip the Fountain Out..."

Then a true Friend of Friendship Fountain brought something to my attention in the last few days...

A story regarding Public Input regarding the Future of Metro Park published in the Jax Daily Record, the full story may be accessed at the following link:

However the following quote got our attention...

"evaluating the feasibility of expanding Metropolitan Park into the space occupied by Kids Kampus and possibly the WJCT property, both of which could be accommodated in another location off the riverfront."

Ok so where do you suppose Kids Kampus could go? Hmmmmm Hey I know lets tear down Friendship Fountain and stuff it there...

We have heard that refrain before and it would not surprise me if another attempt isn't made as the Current Administration has made it clear that any attempt to repair the Fountain just isn't in their plans...

Again I also have to wonder where any funds for anything other then purely needed maintenance would come from, I mean we are seeing increased fees for services previously covered by taxes, the economy is in the Tank and we are talking about what would most likely be another multi "zillion" dollar project...

One question I would love to see any answer to...

What maintenance on existing Parks, Riverwalks and Fountains is being done? ANY?

The last time I was at the Southbank Riverwalk I was shocked at the condition and I have read of possible serious issues with portions of the Northbank Riverwalk.

Now to be honest it has been some time since I was able to venture downtown (well truth be told it breaks my heart when I see the Fountain) and possibly some of these issues have been addressed?

Maybe some folks out there can use the upload link and provide some up to date images of any problems with the Parks and Riverwalks and we can start a Peyton Wall of Shame...

That is my take, what is yours?

Ps... On a personal note Our 2008 Halloween decorations can be seen at the below link: