Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Special #FriendshipFountain Update - Water Flows

I received a call from Larry this morning that they were about to send water under pressure to the Fountain and I grabbed my camera and was on my way.

I was able to get a couple of quick pictures posted to Twitter from my cell phone, "The Beast", just to get the first images on the web :)

They are being very careful at this point and only placed full pressure on the center ring for a few minutes but it sure looked great.

Over the next few days they will be working on regulating the flow as well as getting the engineers to program the light and flow patterns for the planned water sequences...

There are just a few more sections of guardrail to be put into place and I understand some preliminary landscaping may start this weekend.

More pictures from my quick trip today are here:

I also got to meet Danny Strickland again as he was present to see the Fountain pump test and of course Larry Summerville, who I have mistakenly referred to as project manager when his actual title is Superintendent, was there and again I must thank Danny, Larry and everyone at AC General for their allowing my full access to the project and site.

Till next time,

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