Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#FriendshipFountain Schedule Update

I received an email from Rick Sawyer, Park Maintenance Superintendent, City of Jacksonville, this morning with just an update on the scheduling for the Fountain, which remains basically the same for the foreseeable future.

The basic Friendship Fountain hours of operation are scheduled as follows:

Fountain Water Feature: 9:00 AM ET to Midnight Daily 7 days a week.

Ambient Light Program starts: 4:15 PM ET to Midnight daily.

At the present time the Fountain is basically set on Low (as far as height of the Water streams) due to changing wind and potential freezing conditions.

Again Rick would appreciate any information from the public if you should note any irregularity in the Fountain Operations so they can continue to identify any issues.

Just drop a line here and I will pass them on...

Also I had the opportunity to get down to Friendship Fountain On Feb 4 and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the overall condition of the Park.

It appeared to be well maintained and the grass doing very well on the South, North and East sides of the Fountain and the West side, which takes the brunt of traffic and water overspray appeared to be recovering compared to a visit a month earlier...

I was there during the Free River tours given by The Jacksonville Water Taxi and there were about a 100 or more folks lined up for the rides while I was there, was very nice seeing the number of folks. Also watching the kids running and playing on the grass surfaces of Friendship Fountain Park just makes me realize what an improvement the Renovations last year made...

I want to pass on my Thanks to Rick for keeping us updated, what a welcome change ;)

Till next time, Bob

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