Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#FriendshipFountain Update - Hours & More

I have received many inquiries over the last month or so regarding the Hours of Operation for Friendship Fountain and today I received an email from Rick Sawyer who is now supervising Operations of Friendship Fountain.

Some background first... Apparently the programming for the Fountain is still experiencing some glitches and requires resetting occasionally which has disrupted the routine hours for the Fountain Operations however they have been working with the Contractor to sort those out.

The basic Friendship Fountain hours of operation are scheduled as follows:

Fountain Water Feature: 9:00 AM ET to Midnight Daily 7 days a week. (Note that the water is regulated to reduce overspray based on wind speed)

Outside Lighting: 6:00 PM ET to 7:00 AM ET

Inside Fountain Lighting: 4:15 PM ET to Midnight daily. (The early start is to allow for manual check to ensure programming is running)

Additional notes: During the winter months the water height is further regulated based on the possibility of freezing temps to prevent water spray from affecting the Main Street bridge.

Rick would appreciate any information from the public if you should note any irregularity in the Fountain Operations so they can continue to identify any issues.

Just drop a line here and I will pass them on...

Till next time, Bob


Anonymous said...

I check on this site about every two weeks to see if the fountain is working properly. I have not seen an update since May. Has the Blue Box been repaired?

Bob said...

My understanding is that the "Blue Box" was replaced but they were experiencing some "Operator" errors with the programming and I had not heard anything further from the City.

However I did receive reports that at least on the 4th of July lights and music were working and there may have been a change in the Patriotic Music program from last year.