Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jan 28, 2011 Fountain Renovation Update

Finally after a number of Friday afternoon misses (heck it was the holidays and I can understand the Construction workers wanting to bail early on Fridays..) I took my bi-weekly trip to Friendship Fountain and not only found a few folks around this time but over a dozen workers, all over Friendship Park, hard at work, grading, laying block and other tasks.

Since the last official updates there has been much accomplished...

New retaining walls for landscaping are being put into place.

The accent pavers are delivered and expected to start being laid next week.

Additional accent work is being done.

Grading of the land continues however it appears that the majority of fill needed may be in place.

Larry, the on site foreman took a few moments of his time to bring me up to date on how things were going which appears to be very well.

They expect to start laying the accent pavers into the poured walkway slots this week.

The tops of the Light Towers have been refurbished and delivered back to the site:

They expect to be able to start the final work on the Riverwalk adjacent to Friendship Park in a few weeks which will allow that portion of the Riverwalk to be completed.

There are a number of concrete pads that have been poured in the Park areas

and additional concrete pouring will probably be completed in the next few weeks as well.

However everything isn't good news... The recent freezes apparently resulted in some portions of the water main feeding the Fountain to start failing and it was reported to me that when exposed the water main pipe appears to be greatly deteriorated and some issues cropped up in the pump house so we will have to see where those lead...

All in all some great progress in the last few weeks and hope to be able to see even more in a couple of weeks...

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of proposing a Naval Officer Commissioning Ceremony at the fountain in late August '11. This renovation is news to me (perhaps I should spend a bit more time downtown)... Anyway... Any idea if this project will be complete by then?

Bob said...

Last report I had was completion was scheduled for May - Jun 2011, however with the recent rains and if they should continue I would think it would impact that date.

I will try and get some feel for how well things are on schedule during my next visit (tomorrow, weather permitting)...