Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Nov 5 - 19 and Dec 3, 2010 Updates... Finally ;)

First my apologies for not posting recently. While i did get the opportunity to visit the Fountain on Nov 5 and 19 I only took a few pictures as while much work was going on the photo evidence was lacking ;)

The pictures from the Nov 5 and 19th visits are located here and primarily show dirt (for grading) and some forms for walkways.
Nov 5 - 19 Pictures

My most recent visit on Dec 3, 2010 pictures are located here and you can see some of the results from the work in the earlier pictures, more grading and poured walkways.

As you can see above the main walkways from the center portion of the Fountain have been poured (the open spaces between sections will be filled with pavers and hopefully on the next visit that will be completed).

Also the hope is to have the final transition area from Friendship Fountain Park to the Southbank walkway completed in the next few weeks which should be the last interruption to the Southbank walkway during these renovations.

Once again my Thanks to the Men from AC General for taking their time to explain some aspects to me as well as providing details on the next steps and allowing us unfettered access. :)

Till next time,

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