Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Latest Posts and Notes regarding Mayor Peyton's apparent disregard for the Citizens of Jacksonville.

Today is Sep 12 and it has been well over a full work week since I sent the Sep 1, 2006 email to the Mayor and City Council Members... Where are the replies? Not in my Inbox...

Mayor Peyton at least have the backbone to stand up and either Confirm what Susie said or do the right thing and disavow her comments and go on the record with one of the Major Media outlets and issue a statement, "Friendship Fountain will NOT be torn down, will not be altered but will be Refurbished." Give us concerned Friends of the Fountain your guarantee "Not on your watch" Mr. Mayor.

Great story at MetroJacksonville.com regarding the Fountain as well as a very neatly laid out time line of events including story links to document the line... Well Mr. Mayor maybe you will have a comment on this story?

Latest posts around town I have found...

One additional note. I am an avid fan of our Jaguars and I noted that FOX kicked OFF their NFL Regular Season Coverage from Jacksonville (yeah i know it was because of T.O. playing here and not the Jags) however the backdrop of their Commentary Desk sure could have used the Fountain as it was used for the entire Super Bowl week coverage.

$400,000 about 1 and a half years ago and the Fountain would be working with all three rings today... I guess if you really don't want it the best way is to neglect it long enough so that it can't be fixed? Is that the Real plan Mr. Mayor ???


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