Friday, September 01, 2006

Email to the Mayor and City Council Members!

From: Bob Johnson
Date: Sep 1, 2006 10:57 AM
Subject: Are the days now Numbered for Friendship Fountain?

Susie Wiles was quoted yesterday on a TV 4 news Article as follows:

"It can't be done at any kind of a reasonable cost," said Mayor's Office spokeswoman Susie Wiles."

This just 4 Months after Mayor Peyton stated "Friendship Fountain will be refurbished, not demolished." in an email to myself and other citizens.

My recollection of the History is that about 1.5 years ago it was discovered that the pumps operating the Center and inner rings had failed and either required replacement or repair. At the time a figure of $400,000 was bandied about.

Then after almost a year of apparent inaction in April 2006 a story surfaced about a possible demolition and replacement of friendship Park which would include am "Interactive water feature", the price then discussed was 3 million dollars. Public input was also promised.

Now 4 months later the Mayor's spokeswoman informs us that the Fountain is too broke to be fixed. I really wonder where the engineering studies are that support this after all the other renovations that have taken place in the last 8 or so years.

Has the City actually received a report from a qualified organization that has stated that repairing the Fountain is impossible? If so where can the Public view this report?

Has the City ever solicited Public Input after stating they would on a number of occasions? If so where were these public Meetings Posted?

What is the real reason the City wants to move Kids Park to the current site of Friendship Fountain? What are the plans for the land that Kids park currently occupies?

If anyone can provide answers to the above questions and inconsistencies in money being mentioned and timing I certainly would appreciate your input.

Thank you,
Bob Johnson
1153 Denaud Street
Jacksonville, Fl, 32205

Dedicated to showcasing and preserving Friendship Fountain
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Anonymous said...

My family has special memories of 'fountain watching' on summer evenings in the 60's.
Please try to save this landmark.
One of the special things about Europe is the preservation of their beautiful old buildings and other landmarks. Rome, Paris and Madrid come to mind. They all have beautiful fountains. We should be adding more instead of removing 'Friendsip Fountain.'