Thursday, July 04, 2013

4th of July 2013 Friendship Fountain

13 years ago today I was lucky enough to get married at Friendship Fountain...
That little one (Our youngest) is 16 now and as tall as I am ;)

I was lucky on so many fronts... Married at my favorite place in the City of Jax, Married on my Favorite Holiday, Married in Jeans ;)... It just goes on.

Unfortunately we will not be able to visit this year but I know that those that get the chance to view the Fireworks from Friendship Fountain will have about the best seats in the City and we hope that some of you will take some pictures and share them with everyone by sending some our way to be added to the Friendship Fountain Image Gallery.

Here is one that was contributed by Dan Morris...

If you are a frequent visitor you may note we have updated the Friendship Fountain Image Gallery, same pictures but a more modern and fresh presentation. We will be updating the web site itself as well in the next few days and hope you will visit often.

Selene and I wish everyone a very Happy and Safe Fourth of July and hope that many of you will get a chance to visit our favorite place!

Until next time,

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