Thursday, July 19, 2012

#FriendshipFountain Updates

I have been remiss in posting updates, my apologies.  Obviously I am not a writer in another life ;)

I have been getting inquiries as to the status of the "Blue Box".

The replacement "Blue Box" was put into service in June 2012 and while I heard there were some issues, that appeared to be operator related initially, the Fountain has basically been back in operation since.

The Week of July 4, 2012 the Fountain was operating with the patriotic Light and Sound program every evening and based on pictures I saw was operating 100% during the Jacksonville Downtown Fireworks extravaganza.

Also reports are that the patriotic music program had been updated and of course the Pergola is now in place.

More images here:

However all is not rosy as there have been recent reports of the Fountain not operating at times during the day, thanks @newzgrrl

Rick Sawyer, City of Jax, replied to my inquiry regarding these reports and let me know there are some lights not operating properly and an Electrical Contractor is working to try and determine what the problem may be, which requires that the Fountain be shut down at times.  However it should be operating with Water Features and Lights every evening.

Again my apologies for not posting sooner and thanks to those of you that have written directly, tweeted or left comments here for your interest in Friendship Fountain and your prodding to get updated information posted.

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Anonymous said...

Is there any news regarding a new music program? I remember in the past you mentioned a "downtown" themed show might be coming. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Bob said...

Not that I am aware of and my Contact at the City is away for a couple of weeks but I will contact him when he returns and see what the status is on a new program.

I was told that the Patriotic Program played during the 4th had been updated, so hoping that the Holiday program may also have been updated.