Thursday, September 29, 2011

Downtown Jacksonville Gets New Center Piece

The former Modis building (formerly AccuStaff and Independent Life Building), directly across the St. John's River from Friendship Fountain, has been renamed and the new signage was lifted into place on Sunday Oct 25, 2011.

Welcome the "Wells Fargo" Building.

I also got a Video of the "F" and "W" letters being positioned on the Building.

More images of the Letters being hung as well as the new Jacksonville Skyline can be viewed here:

I will be posting up some additional new pictures of the Fountain, with some rising sun views, in the next day or so as well as an additional post regarding the current issues with Friendship Fountain.

Until then,


Anonymous said...

Hi, Bob. Great job with the videos! We got to Friendship Fountain by 11:15, and the Main Street Bridge was reopened so we knew they were finished with the work. What a nice sight to see a name on that building again.

I haven't been to your site in a while, and just saw that there's some possible work on a Downtown soundtrack? Really? A few years ago, I made a Downtown-themed mixed CD, if JEDC is looking for suggestions....

The Pergola sounds like a nice addition. But what would be a great touch is a paved/paver/brick/mulch walkway from the MOSH parking lot, bridge side. So many people walk from that lot, through the grass, to the fountain (myself included). A designed path will look so much nicer than a few worn walkways.

Anyway, I love your videos! Great job, and keep up the good work!

Bob said...

Thanks :)

I passed on your suggestion regarding a walkway to the appropriate COJ officials as well.